MUSSELS (Mytilus chilensis)
Local name: Mejillon, Chorito
Trade name: Mussel, Mejillon
* Meat: Cooked, IQF, sized, in plastic bags with or without vacuum of 1, 2, or 5 Lbs., master of 20
or 24 Lbs. Also in cases of 6 or 10 Kg. Sizes 100-200/200-300/300-500 and 500 up. Color: amber
white to light orange yellow.
* Whole VacPack:Rope-grown, whole clean shell, no byssus, sized, vacuum-packed, pasteurized,
cooled in fresh water, frozen. In plastic bags of 2 lbs. 52 units plus minus 3 to 5, master 10, 20 or
24 lbs.
* Half-Shell: Cooked, IQF, sized, in plastic bags of 5lbs., master of 20 lbs.
Season: year around, with high season Dec. – June.